National Federation of Demolition Contractors Joins SSIP as a Registered Member
4th March 2021
Face coverings & PPE
10th March 2021

SSIP Member Assessments – COVID Precautionary Measures

Following a survey of all of our scheme members, SSIP are pleased to confirm to all stakeholders that COVID precautionary measures are requested from their Members at point of assessment.

We have further liaised with our scheme members to ensure a consistent approach is in place with all Scheme Members relating to COVID precautionary measures and to therefore provide reassurance and to protect the robustness of the DtS process.

SSIP has advised all scheme members that they MUST include a request for COVID precautionary information during the assessment process.

There will not be an amendment to the SSIP Core Criteria at present, however note this addition will be added to the SSIP Audit process and reviewed as part of the sampling completed during all Scheme Members’ Annual Audit.


With effect 01.03.2021 all assessments completed by our member schemes will include a review of all COVID precautionary measures which MUST be contained within the organisations Health & Safety Management system to demonstrate that the organisation has given due consideration to protecting the health and safety of the workforce and others against COVID 19.

Examples of the precautionary measures are standalone arrangements, arrangements included in the health & safety policy, additional information within the method statements, COVID 19 Risk Assessments or part of the organisations communication and engagement processes with their workforce etc.


Eleanor Eaton