SSIP Assessors


All Registered Members & Certification Body Members must ensure their assessors have adequate knowledge, experience and competence to undertake appropriate assessments in line with their threshold requirements.
Assessor Qualifications


  • All Assessors shall comply with the Assessor qualifications detailed within Appendix 16 of the SSIP Rules and Bylaws.
  • All Assessors shall complete the 1-day SSIP Assessor Training Course
  • All Assessors shall complete the Refresher Training course on a three-yearly basis and within 3 years of the initial (foundation) 1-day SSIP Assessor Training Course.
  • All Registered Members and Certification Body Members shall ensure their Assessors have no conflict of interests in performing their assessments of organisations.
  • All Assessors will be active in CPD.

 SSIP Reviewers

All Members must ensure that they appoint an adequate number of assessment reviewers (as a minumum one reviewer must be appointed by all Member Schemes).

  • All Reviewers must hold the minimum qualifications as detailed in Appendix 16 of the SSIP Rules and Bylaws.
  • For Certification Body Members the Reviewer(s) will carry out report reviews of all certification decision type assessments i.e., initial assessments, re-certification assessments and, where appropriate, extension to scope assessments if the new scope of registration impacts on either compliance to the Core Criteria or introduction of a new duty holder.