1What is SSIP?
SSIP is an umbrella organisation committed to reducing bureaucracy in the supply chain. All of our members support our Mission Statement and out Corporate Values. The SSIP forum consists of Registered Members, Trade Association Members, Certification Body Members and Supporter Members.
2How much does SSIP cost?
All of our members have different pricing structures based upon the services provided. An indication of fees is available as follows: https://ssip.org.uk/indication-of-member-fees/
3Is CHAS & SSIP the same?
No. SSIP is a membership forum and CHAS are one of our Registered Members.
4Where do I get an ‘SSIP’ certificate from?
SSIP do not issue certificates to suppliers – if you have been asked for an SSIP certificate you need to select from our Registered Members to determine the appropriate scheme for your business. All Assessments undertaken by Registered Members are in line with the SSIP Core Criteria ensuring the same standards are assessed.
5Is SSIP an assessment scheme with assessors of its own?
No. SSIP is the umbrella organisation for a number of assessment schemes. SSIP ensures that all member schemes assess to the same standard.
6Why does the SSIP Portal not tell me which scheme originally assessed the supplier?
All SSIP members complete assessments based upon the SSIP Threshold Standard (the SSIP Core Criteria) and all assessments visible on the SSIP portal are equivalent to one another. ALL assessments undertaken by ALL of our member schemes are equivalent therefore it is not required to detail the 'originating' member scheme on the portal.
7Will the SSIP Portal provide me with a list of contractors I can use for a particular task?
The portal is not designed as a contractor search engine; it is designed simply to identify and verify that a company of a certain name has been successfully assessed and approved by a SSIP member scheme against SSIP Core Criteria H&S questions.
8I need to appoint a Principal Designer. Is an SSIP approval all I need to make the appointment?
The SSIP approval can be a useful starting point but, you as the client must consider and assess if they have the skills, knowledge and experience in the areas of construction you are dealing with.
9We currently do our own PQQ assessments, why should we accept an SSIP certificate?
PQQ assessments take time and need to be carried out consistently. SSIP Member schemes require that assessors are appropriately trained and have the necessary experience so SSIP assessments are performed consistently, and to a widely accepted standard. By accepting an SSIP assessment certificate, you can use your resources for essential activity such as making project-specific health and safety enquiries.
10We currently ask additional questions over and above those asked by SSIP schemes. Will SSIP ask these for us?
No. SSIP covers essential H&S questions. You may want to accept an SSIP certificate as evidence that the H&S section of your questions have been covered, and ask your own additional questions as you see fit.
11Do other companies supply assessment services that are not covered by the SSIP umbrella?
Yes, but as these companies are not bound by, or audited against, the SSIP rules and Bylaws it may be difficult to assess the value of what they provide.
12How do I become an SSIP supporter Member?
We offer SSIP Supporter Membership to interested parties who wish to support the SSIP aims, objectives and ethos, such as major contractors, clients and Trade Associations. Supporter membership may also be offered at the discretion of the SSIP Board of Directors to other expert interested parties or organisations that can contribute to promoting, improving or enhancing health and safety competence in procurement. Supporter membership is free so if you are interested please get in touch!
13Are we as a supporter expected to attend promotions or other meetings?
You can attend the Full Forum Meetings to hear the latest updates and you’ll be asked to help promote the aims and benefits of recognising SSIP assessments. Having your name and logo against the aims of the organisation will help spread the SSIP message and its benefits.
14We talk to other organisations similar to ourselves. They have an approved supplier list already. What is to stop us mutually recognising suppliers assessed by them?
This would be your decision. However, can you be sure that the other organisation assesses suppliers to the standard you expect? Do they formally re assess at a regular interval and are their assessors trained and experienced.
15We currently recognise Constructionline assessments, are SSIP part of Constructionline?
No Constructionline, are a founder member of SSIP, they recognise and accept a SSIP certificate as meeting the H&S requirements in its registration form. However, Constructionline does not carry out any SSIP H&S assessments.
16How will changes to PAS 91 and ISO 45001 affect SSiP?
SSIP as a group are actively participating in the revision consultation for PAS 91. The H&S questions in PAS 91 are likely to match the SSIP core Criteria questions. The publication of ISO 45001 as a replacement for BS OHSAS 18001 is not expected to have any significant impact on the SSIP H&S standards.
17Can anyone with an OHSAS 18001 or ISO 45001 certificate get an SSIP deemed to satisfy certificate
No. The OHSAS 18001 certification body must have UKAS registration or equivalent, and be an SSIP member and must have undertaken an assessment of the SSIP Core Criteria during the 18001-audit stage. This is because Assessors and auditors performing reviews and audits need to be trained to defined and accepted standards.
18Can SSIP provide a spokesperson to talk to our procurement team about SSiP?
SSIP have made presentation to IOSH regional meetings, Constructionline Meet the Buyer events and regularly discuss the benefits with potential stakeholders - We are always happy to spread the message of mutual recognition and the cost savings that provides for Contractors and buyers alike.