Who are "Suppliers"?


A Supplier is an organisation that provides goods or services to a Buyer.

A Buyer will request the Supplier to demonstrate competence in health and safety.

This can be achieved via third party verification which is also known as conformity assessment. Assessment schemes originated in the construction sector, but are now used more widely, to verify health and safety and other CSR organisational capability within the supply chain.

The law does not require third party conformity assessments however is a method of validating prequalification standards when buying or supplying goods and services.

Supplier Assessment via an SSIP Member Scheme is limited to the prequalification stage so buyers will also need to check a supplier can meet project-specific site requirements.

To gain approval from an SSIP scheme please visit our Suppliers Guide to SSIP Registration document. The Table of Equivalences confirms the Scope/Category* a member can assess against.

* (1) SSIP Approved (non-construction works)
(2) SSIP Approved: Contractor
(3) SSIP Approved: Principal Contractor
(4) SSIP Approved: Designer
(5) SSIP Approved: Principal Designer