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Maximising the value of Health & Safety supplier assessment

SSIP was founded in May 2009 following the Government report on Accelerating the SME economic engine: through transparent, simple and strategic procurement. Supported by the HSE SSIP aims to streamline prequalification and encourage straightforward mutual recognition between its Member Schemes.

SSIP is actively reducing health and safety assessment costs and bureaucracy in the supply chain, by making cross-recognition between member schemes as effective as possible, and highlighting the savings to buyers and suppliers. All SSIP member schemes have fully committed to the vision of driving unnecessary cost and confusion out of supplier health and safety assessment, and SSIP's core philosophy is to enable effective cross-recognition between existing schemes.

Furthermore the SSIP Core Criteria for assessments is aligned to the Government-backed construction pre-qualification document PAS 91, ensuring consistency within supply chain management.

Currently in excess of 56750 unique suppliers are registered with an SSIP Member Scheme and this information is readily accessible via the SSIP Portal. The SSIP Portal is free to access and provides an easy way of finding out if a supplier holds valid certification with an SSIP member scheme and confirms compliance with the SSIP Core Criteria.

“Since inception of SSIP we are pleased to advise mutual recognition has enabled savings to suppliers in excess of £156m*in addition to the time savings by all parties involved. We are keen to work with any buyer who would like to know more about the benefits of recognising the many thousands of suppliers who are currently assessed by SSIP members.”

Eleanor Eaton, Chairman, SSIP

*Figures accurate 06.03.2019 quantifying the savings available to clients and suppliers from SSIP activity.

To gain approval from an SSIP scheme please visit our Suppliers Guide to SSIP Registration document. Pages 1 & 2 give details of SSIP registration and Page 3 onwards shows a chart of those schemes able to carry out an assessment on the various scopes of Contractor, Principal Contractor, Designer and Principal Designer.

All Registered Members & Certification Body Members agree that assessment information will be made available via the SSIP Portal for the purpose of third party verification of suppliers’ membership of an SSIP accredited competence assessment scheme.
To Verify an SSIP Certificate on the SSIP Portal click here