Need an 'SSIP' Certificate / registration with an SSIP Member Scheme?

The following information is provided to answer some of the questions suppliers* ask about Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) Ltd and how registration with our member schemes will work for them.

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*Supplier – any business or individual who is offering to provide a service or services to a buyer.

Guidance on registration with SSIP Member Schemes

1Supplier is requested to hold an 'SSIP Certificate'
A buyer might choose to instruct their suppliers to register with any SSIP member scheme. This gives the supplier the freedom of choice to choose any SSIP member scheme and who can provide them with the best value for their requirements. The supplier should visit the SSIP Member Schemes websites for further information and select based on assessment and registration fees and whether the scheme covers their particular duty holder role i.e. Contractor or Designer. Please note - the Assessment undertaken by ALL member schemes covers the SAME threshold standard therefore suppliers and buyers can be confident that all schemes complete an equal H&S Assessment.
2The supplier is told they must register with a specific scheme
Often a buyer will stipulate a specific member scheme as the member scheme manages the overall supply chain on behalf of the buyer. In this instance if a supplier is already registered with another scheme can seek registration with the buyer’s preferred scheme on the basis of “deemed to satisfy”.
3The Supplier is already registered with SSIP Member and required to register with another SSIP Member Scheme
SSIP operates a Deem to Satisfy (DtS) agreement for mutual (or non-mutual) recognition which is in place amongst all SIP Members. All registered members agree to accept a current, valid approval by any other registered Member subject to all correct details being displayed on the SSIP Portal. The recognition period of any DtS approval issued under Mutual Recognition will be governed by the expiry date of the originating SSIP Member approval as detailed on the SSIP Portal. The length of Mutual Recognition issued by the DtS Member Scheme shall be equal to their DtS date, until the expiry date, as detailed on the SSIP Portal.
4How long does an assessment take?
This varies from scheme to scheme and is dependent on the supplier providing everything needed for the assessment. Typically schemes will try to complete their initial assessment within ten working days.
5The supplier is invited to complete an assessment by a non-SSIP member
One of the challenges SSIP faces is the need to educate buyers. This will take time but we need to assure buyers that they can place faith in a current compliant assessment completed by an SSIP member scheme and that this substitutes the need for them to complete a stage 1 assessment. Suppliers can help by advising these non SSIP buyers of their compliance by providing a copy of their certificate and asking that buyer to visit our website to seek more information about SSIP.
6How long is a compliant SSIP member registration valid?
The validity period for each SSIP member is 1 year. Acceptance under a “deemed to satisfy “depends on when the original assessment was completed and how much validity remains.
7How long does registration take?
This varies from scheme to scheme. You will need to get this information from each scheme
8What are the assessment and/or registration costs?
These vary from one scheme to another and can usually be found through the scheme’s website. If you are already registered compliant with another SSIP scheme member and you meet the qualifications needed for a “deemed to satisfy” registration, you will not have to pay a full assessment fee. SSIP include an 'Indication of Member Fees' in the news section of our website.
9Do I have to provide extra information to be registered with a scheme?
Yes, you may have to. You may be required to submit the following:
  1. Copies of insurance certificates;
  2. Additional information to meet the scheme membership requirements i.e. financial, quality, environmental information which is outside the remit of the H&S Assessment;
  3. Supplementary H&S information to meet the buyers’ specific needs i.e. accident records, training records.

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