Industry Support

We are delighted to have support from a number of organisations within industry.

We offer SSIP Supporter Membership to other interested parties who wish to support the SSIP aims, objectives and ethos, such as major contractors, clients and Trade Associations. Supporter membership may also be offered at the discretion of the SSIP FMG to other expert interested parties or organisations that can contribute to promoting, improving or enhancing health and safety competence in procurement.


In simple terms Go-Ahead wanted to establish a health & safety focused Supplier Pre-Qualification process that was widely recognised and accepted across supply chain management. We also wanted to use a process that was based on established and officially developed and accepted Core Criteria that was consistently used for the pre-qualification of suppliers. Having government, HSE and industry support was also very important. Utilising the pre-qualification process of SSIP Registered Member Schemes prevented additional time & costs for our suppliers by recognising existing SSIP Registered Member Schemes Certifications. Furthermore, whilst the SSIP scheme initially covered mainly ‘construction’ suppliers it now has expanded to other sectors. So, being able to access some 71,000 suppliers on the SSIP portal will give us much easier access to potential new suppliers who are all of an equal standard regarding health & safety management. Becoming a Supporter Member gave us the opportunity to recognise the value of and promote the benefits of the SSIP scheme.

Supporter membership of SSIP demonstrates our commitment to the recognition of SSIP as an acceptable industry standard and helps our members to achieve value for money.

Cornwall Council uses the SSIP Portal to assist us, not only as part of our own Procurement process, but also in support of external clients, such as schools, who wish to employ suitably competent contractors.

SSIP has enhanced our relationship with our clientele due to the streamlining of all compliance issues. David Saxton, HSQE Director.  

BAFE are proud to be a supporting member of the SSIP. Both BAFE and SSIP endeavour to promote safety in all of its aspects with BAFE offering competency schemes for the fire safety industry with UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies. We are happy to support SSIP to work for a safer UK. Stephen Adams, BAFE Chief Executive  

Accreditation is at the heart of ABCB and we are proud to support SSIP in maintaining and improving Health & Safety standards across the UK, while reducing duplication and unnecessary red-tape for all

Laing O'Rourke are proud that we were the first major contractor to join SSIP.  We continue to actively promote and support SSIP in maintaining and improving industry Health & Safety standards whilst reducing duplication and red-tape for small suppliers

At our heart we hold the belief that as much as possible should be done to make the construction industry fairer and more efficient. We support SSIP because they help reduce and remove one of the major frustrations in our industry – the continual need to provide the same information time and time again, albeit in a  slightly different format. SSIP helps clients and contractors alike achieve necessary assurances and simultaneously reduces unnecessary administration so that our industry can get on and do what it does it best.

“The BESA is proud of its long standing relationship with SSIP. We actively promote compliance with SSIP as a recognised industry H&S standard. Duncan Sibbald, Head of Certification, The BESA”

The Association for Road Traffic Safety & Management recognises the need to maintain standards across the traffic industry and are pleased to support SSIP as part of our evaluation process for members.

IIRSM is the professional home for everyone who manages risk. We are delighted to support SSIP’s ethos and approach to supply chain risk management.
Clare Fleming, Director of Marketing and Communications

The core values of the Considerate Constructors Scheme are to improve the standard of considerate construction across the UK and Ireland. We are therefore delighted to be a Supporter Member of the SSIP, who provide a crucial way of helping to maintain and improve the standard of the procurement of services from the construction industry.
Edward Hardy, Chief Executive, Considerate Constructors Scheme

ECA is proud to be a supporter of SSIP, and we strongly recommend the use of the SSIP assessment standard by buyers. All of the largest ECA member companies comply with the SSIP standard, as a minimum, and we actively support the increasing number of smaller ECA members who see the considerable benefits of achieving the standard.
Paul Reeve FIOSH, ECA Director of Business

Supporter membership of SSIP demonstrates our commitment to the recognition of SSIP as an acceptable industry standard and helps our members to achieve value for money.

As a local authority we provide a full range of council services including education, social work, land and environmental services.  We use the SSIP Portal as part of our contractor procurement process and publicise the council commitment to SSIP via the workings of the council contractors management group.

We use a large number of suppliers ranging from small suppliers through to large developers and therefore we would like to recognise SSIP as the minimum standard of H&S expectations for our suppliers.

Mears have promoted SSIP for 10+ years by making it mandatory for all our subcontractors to hold a valid SSIP certificate. We believe safety is one of the most important components in our business and recognise SSIP as the standard.

Affiliate Members

This membership is potentially open to those organisations seeking to join SSIP but do not currently fulfil all of the pre-requisite qualification standards for membership.