Buyers often instruct their supply chain to register with an SSIP member scheme. This gives the supplier the freedom of choice to choose any SSIP member scheme who can provide them with the best value for their company needs. Suppliers are encouraged to visit Member Schemes websites for further information and select based on assessment fees and whether the scheme covers their particular duty holder role i.e. Contractor or Designer.

SSIP recognise that our members include a range of supplementary services to suit the requirements of different buyers therefore please review to determine the appropriate scheme for your business.

There are four different types of SSIP Forum membership: SSIP Registered Member, SSIP Certification Body Member, SSIP Affiliate Member and SSIP Supporter Member. Health and Safety Assessments are undertaken by both Registered Members and Certification Body Members.

ALL assessments completed by our Registered Members or Certification Body Members are equivalent and in accordance with the SSIP Core Criteria ensuring the same threshold standard has been achieved by all suppliers.
SSIP DO NOT carry out assessments - our forum members do, if you have been advised you need to hold 'SSIP' please select from the Members above and apply directly....


Registered Members

SSIP Registered Membership is open to any third-party Health & Safety assessment schemes, including Health & Safety assessment schemes such as those run by major contractors or Trade Associations. Registered Member schemes benefit from a two-way mutual recognition with other registered member schemes, as long as the other registered member approval was carried out in accordance with SSIP Rules and Bylaws.



Certification Body

SSIP Certification Body Membership is open to any UKAS Accredited Certification Body for ISO 45001 (when adopted) and fully accredited to EA28 as a minimum. Certification Body member schemes benefit from a one-way mutual recognition with registered member schemes, as long as the Certification body member approval was carried out in accordance with SSIP Rules and Bylaws and incorporates the SSIP Health & Safety Core Criteria questions.
The following Certification Body Members provide ISO 45001 + SSIP certification services that meets both UKAS and SSIP requirements.

A stand-alone ISO 45001 certificate does not meet SSIP requirements and falls outside of the SSIP Scheme.  An organisation wishing to hold ISO 45001 + SSIP must request this with their Certification Body provider so that the additional SSIP Scheme requirements are implemented during the assessment process including data integration with the SSIP Portal for Deem to Satisfy purposes.