SSIP Member Assessments – COVID Precautionary Measures
5th March 2021
AJA Europe join SSIP as a Certification Body Member
26th April 2021

Go-Ahead Group Plc join SSIP as a Supporter Member

We are pleased to announce that Go – Ahead Group Plc have joined SSIP as a Supporter Member.

Founded almost three decades ago, Go-Ahead has transformed from a small bus operator in north east England to one of the UK’s leading providers of passenger transport.

‘Why Go-Ahead decided to use SSIP, and then become a Supporter Member?

In simple terms Go-Ahead wanted to establish a health & safety focused Supplier Pre-Qualification process that was widely recognised and accepted across supply chain management.  We also wanted to use a process that was based on established and officially developed and accepted Core Criteria that was consistently used for the pre-qualification of suppliers.  Having government, HSE and industry support was also very important.  Utilising the pre-qualification process of SSIP Registered Member Schemes prevented additional time & costs for our suppliers by recognising existing SSIP Registered Member Schemes Certifications.  Furthermore, whilst the SSIP scheme initially covered mainly ‘construction’ suppliers it now has expanded to other sectors.   So, being able to access some 71,000 suppliers on the SSIP portal will give us much easier access to potential new suppliers who are all of an equal standard regarding health & safety management.

Becoming a Supporter Member gave us the opportunity to recognise the value of and promote the benefits of the SSIP scheme.

John Stevens, 14 April 2021.

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