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19th November 2020
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4th March 2021

The Arboricultural Association launch Technical Guides following Industry Consultation

The Arboricultural Association have launched four of the suite of five Technical Guides following industry consultation. As well as falls from height, life-changing injuries are also caused by falling objects, chainsaws and, to a lesser degree, handsaws, poor work positioning and poorly planned rigging, use of cranes, MEWPs or other equipment.

TG2: Use of Tools in the Tree sets out the protocols for safe management and use of tools and equipment. TG4: Use of Mobile Cranes in Tree Work and TG5: Use of Mobile Elevating Platforms in Tree Work provide practical, useful guidance on the planning, management and carrying out of tasks using this equipment.

All the Technical Guides are designed to set out information in a clear and logical way. Roles and responsibilities, communication, correct set up, pre-work checks and safe operation are presented in an easy-to-read format with accompanying photos, diagrams and illustrations.

The technical sections in each guide start with a ‘checklist’ of the key safety points that must be considered for that part of the operation, and each of these points is posed as a question to help establish that work is meeting the recommended standards.

All the checklists in each guide have been compiled into a separate, free-to-download Safety Guide, which is available from the Association’s website: www.trees.org.uk/safety-guides. Each Safety Guide provides a useful collation of all the key safety points from the Technical Guide and can be used to audit safe operations on a work site.