SSIP Welcomes Certification Europe as a Certification Body Member
15th November 2017
SSIP Welcomes International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) as a Registered Member
7th February 2018

SSIP Welcomes Shepherd Neame as a Supporter Member

SSIP have a new Supporter Member please join us in welcoming Shepherd Neame on board.

Shepherd Neame advised that they would like to join as they use a large number of suppliers ranging from small suppliers through to large developers and therefore would like to apply a minimum standard of H&S expectations.  Shepherd Neame suppliers already hold a range of accreditation’s, some of which are SSIP schemes however some suppliers hold accreditation’s which fall outside of the SSIP umbrella.  As a business they would like to apply one standard consistency.

You can find out more about Shepherd Neame by visiting their website