Principal Safety join the SSIP Forum!
28th April 2016
SSIP Newsletter – Autumn 2016
31st October 2016

SSIP Mission Statement [2016]

The main purpose of the Safety Schemes in Procurement Limited (SSIP) Forum is to act as an umbrella organisation to facilitate and maximise mutual or cross-recognition of health and safety assessments between SSIP member schemes, wherever practicable to do so.

This is with the strategic aim of reducing the overall cost of health and safety pre-qualification to suppliers and/or buyers.
Additionally, the forum will actively seek to advise and influence buyers on the benefits of using an SSIP scheme member, the benefits of using SSIP services (such as the ‘Portal’) and the interpretation of health and safety organisational capability standards in UK pre-qualification schemes.

The specific aims of the SSIP forum, to which its members are fully committed are as follows:
> Encourage and maximise mutual recognition between SSIP member schemes where it is practicable to do so.
> Operate a robust and consistent Deemed to Satisfy (DtS) agreement between SSIP member schemes that is clear and transparent.
> Provide confidence in first stage safety capability assessments by developing the SSIP core criteria and ensuring a consistent, reliable and quality-controlled standard of assessment via qualified, competent, assessors.
> Help and encourage buyers to recognise SSIP and its aims and objectives, and to specify and recognise SSIP member schemes in general, rather than a specific scheme provider.
> Help buyers and suppliers to achieve value for money through avoiding unnecessary duplication or differing Health & Safety assessment requirements, wherever possible.
> Demonstrate savings made to buyers and suppliers as a result of SSIP activity.
> Promote appropriate core criteria in non-construction works.
> Promote the work and value of SSIP.
> Actively encourage the standardisation of prequalification criteria including PAS 91, and other common industry standards.