Certification Europe join SSIP as a Certification Body Member
1st November 2021
Prosure 360 join SSIP as a Registered Member
14th December 2021

Landsec join SSIP as a Supporter Member

We are pleased to announce that Landsec have joined SSIP as a Supporter Member.

Landsec are one the leading real estate companies in the UK creating places that make a lasting positive contribution to our communities and our planet.  Landsec bring people together, forming connections with each other and the spaces they create. Landsec provide their customers, partners and people with a platform to realise their full potential.

Landsec are very much supporters of the SSIP scheme and that it is a mandatory requirement of Landsec for all relevant organisations to be a member of SSIP.

See  https://landsec.com/about for further details.