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21st July 2019
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1st January 2021

New and Improved SSIP Assessor Refresher Training Course goes LIVE!!

We are very pleased to announce that the new and improved SSIP Assessor Refresher Training Course is now live and accessible via our website

All Assessors are required to undertake this course on a 3 yearly basis (or more frequently if desired) to confirm their status as an SSIP Approved Assessor.  SSIP Refresher Training is to be completed within 3 years and 30 days of the initial course attendance.

Please review your assessors and enrol on the course where necessary, additionally, this may be an opportune moment to ensure all your assessors have also joined the SSIP Assessor Register.  If not further information is available <here>.

We trust you will find the course beneficial and it will support your knowledge of SSIP, in particular the aims and  ethos of SSIP.

Additionally, if you have any feedback on the course please detail at the end of the course or alternatively email

Published 10 Aug 2020