The Federation of Certification Bodies join SSIP as a Supporter Member
11th August 2021
ADT Energy Ltd join SSIP as a Supporter Member
12th August 2021

ADT Workplace join SSIP as a Supporter Member

We are pleased to announce that ADT Workplace have joined SSIP as a Supporter Member.

ADT Workplace is 100% employee owned, meaning they work together as co-owners with a shared vision of providing the very best workplaces for their clients.

We employ, manage and assess hundreds of different contractors on multiple sites across the UK. We ensure that all contractors have an SSIP to be able to get approved on to our Preferred Supplier List and those contractors who do not have an SSIP we encourage and support them to achieve it. We fully believe having an SSIP improves safety for the contractor and gives us the feeling of confidence that they have good systems in place to ensure safety for themselves and other site users.
Kris Kelly

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