Industry Support

SSIP offer Supporter Membership to interested parties who wish to support the SSIP aims, objectives and ethos, such as major contractors, clients and Trade Associations. Supporter membership of the SSIP may also be offered at the discretion of the SSIP FMG to other expert interested parties or organisations that can contribute to promoting, improving or enhancing health and safety competence in procurement.

Mears have promoted SSIP for 10+ years by making it mandatory for all our subcontractors to hold a valid SSIP certificate. We believe safety is one of the most important components in our business and recognise SSIP as the standard.


As a local authority we provide a full range of council services including education, social work and land and environmental services. We use the SSIP Portal as part of our contractor procurement process and publicise the council commitment to SSIP via the workings of the council contractors management group.



ECA is proud to be a supporter of SSIP, and we strongly recommend the use of the SSIP assessment standard by buyers. All of the largest ECA member companies comply with the SSIP standard, as a minimum, and we actively support the increasing number of smaller ECA members who see the considerable benefits of achieving the standard.


In addition to the above the following organisations currently demonstrate their commitment to SSIP:


If you are interested in joining SSIP as a Supporter Member you can view our Membership Criteria by clicking <here>.