SSIP Members

Membership of SSIP is potentially open to any health and safety assessment scheme which has been operating with commercial viability either in the public or private sectors for at least 24 months. This may include schemes run by individuals or individual organisations, UKAS accredited certification bodies, recognised Trade Associations and other prequalification schemes that adhere to the terms outlined in the SSIP Rules and Bylaws.


Registered Members

SSIP Registered Membership is open to any third-party Health & Safety assessment schemes, including Health & Safety assessment schemes such as those run by major contractors or Trade Associations. Registered Member schemes benefit from a two-way mutual recognition with other registered member schemes, as long as the other registered member approval was carried out in accordance with SSIP Rules and Bylaws.


Certification Body

SSIP Certification Body Membership is open to any UKAS Accredited Certification Body for OHSAS 18001 or ISO 45001 (when adopted) and fully accredited to EA28 as a minimum. Certification Body member schemes benefit from a one-way mutual recognition with registered member schemes, as long as the Certification body member approval was carried out in accordance with SSIP Rules and Bylaws and incorporates the SSIP Health & Safety Core Criteria questions.


Supporter Membership

SSIP Supporter Membership is available to all other interested parties who wish to support the SSIP aims, objectives and ethos, such as major contractors, clients and Trade Associations. Supporter membership of the SSIP may also be offered at the discretion of the SSIP FMG to other expert interested parties or organisations that can contribute to promoting, improving or enhancing health and safety competence in procurement.  If you are interested in joining SSIP as a Supporter Member you can view our Membership Criteria by clicking <here>.