SSIP Forum – Who are 'Contractors' and 'Consultants'?

SSIP Forum – For Contractors

Increasingly, contractors need to show clients and others that they have basic health and safety capabilities. Successful assessment can be a very effective “licence to do business” in your industry sector. It can provide a competitive advantage in a tough commercial environment, and help to open up new areas of opportunity. This allows for concentration on the Stage 2 (project or job specific) tasks of ensuring that suppliers have: specific experience in the type of work that they will be contracted to do; that they have trained staff; and that they have the resources to meet the client's needs.

Successful assessment by a member of the SSIP Forum means that you meet a recognised Stage 1 standard. This standard is recognised by the HSE and accreditation schemes that have quality assurance processes. In short, you and your clients can have confidence in the credibility of assessment by an SSIP Forum Member Scheme.

But this is not all. A huge problem for contractors is the need to be assessed by numerous schemes. This is a wasteful and frustrating process for many contractors and it puts significant costs onto businesses that are trying to improve health and safety. So, a key aim of the SSIP Forum is to maximise, wherever possible, the Stage 1 mutual recognition of SSIP Forum member schemes. Essentially, the SSIP Forum will be working to ensure that you fill in far fewer health and safety assessments.

If you have been advised to join a scheme, or are thinking of being assessed to help ensure that you are meeting basic health and safety standards – then contacting an SSIP Forum member is a very sensible first step. Click here to find the list of with links to their individual websites where you can find out how to arrange your Stage 1 assessment. Once you have been assessed, the Member scheme will register your details on the SSIP Portal.

SSIP Forum – For Consultants

Consultants have a requirement under the CDM 2015 regulations to establish that anybody who is employing or engaging a supplier to carry out construction work takes reasonable steps to ensure that they have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil that role, or if they are an organisation, the organisational capability at Stage 1 to undertake the commission required by the client. This can be done individually, however, often time is wasted with many similar requests from each client on every commission.

The SSIP Forum enables consultants to be assessed under the CDM 2015 requirements streamlining this process. Additionally, many clients these days employ their preferred third party company to undertake confirmation of competence/capability. Within the SSIP Forum membership are the majority of these schemes.

Communicating with your clients

SSIP aims to advise and influence clients, both at a national and local level, in terms of good and best practice and the interpretation of standards based on CDM 2015 or the health & safety module of PAS 91. This will help to ensure that all stakeholders understand the value of Stage 1 health and safety 'benchmark' standards.