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13th February 2018
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1st May 2018

Deem to Satisfy Certificate – application process for holders of OHSAS 18001

If you want to apply for a “Deem to Satisfy” (DTS) Certificate  to a Registered Member based on your OHASAS 18001 certification, please ensure you have completed the SSIP element with your certification body so that your certificate details are populated on the SSIP portal.

Please note a Registered Member cannot issue a DTS certificate unless this data is on the SSIP Portal.


SSIP rules require a concept of “date alignment” between issuing Certification Bodies and Registered members. This means the issuance of a DTS certificate by the Registered Member will be dated to expire on the same day and month only with the year adjusted to align with the 18001 certificate expiry date, as detailed on the SSIP Portal.  So if you are applying for a DTS certificate at any time after your 18001 certification begins ,  it will be aligned in the first instance with your 18001 certificate expiry date (day and month only)


NOTE: OHSAS 18001 certification is valid for 3 years – DTS certificates are valid for 1 year.



18001 expiry date is 30 November 2020

DTS application date is 15th April 2018

Therefore a DTS certificate will be issued to expire on 30th November 2018

If the DTS is renewed between 30th September and 30th November 2018 , the renewal will expire on 30th November 2019 (max 14 months)

If it is renewed again between 30th September and 30th November 2019 , the renewal will expire 30th November 2020 (to coincide with 18001 expiry date)


Any queries with regards Deem to Satisfy certificates based upon your OHSAS 18001 certification should be addressed in the first instance to Certification Body member.